Friday, June 30, 2017

Eyes wide-open

This week has had a major impact on me and my life! This week I worked at casa alitas  which is a home for immigrants that have been captured by ICE as a safe place to get food clothes a shower and a good night sleep. We met two women with little children who have traveled to America and unfortunately there husbands are detained. This week has not only opened my eyes to immigrants it has opened my heart. Seeing the kids open up to us the first day even though we were strangers it was crazy. We painted a mural with our lady of Guadalupe and quotes in different languages saying "all under the same moon" to represent those that were left behind as the others traveled on. My life has changed.  Seeing the impact eight of us had in the backyard that looked so dull and bland to the beautiful garden planted and mural we painted. God has worked through me in many ways this week with my love of playing with children, being creative with the mural or just talking with Dora and doing whatever she needed me to do was incredible. I will treasure the experiences I have had this week the memories I've made the people I've met and the lives I've touched even if it was in the smallest way like holding 5 month old John and letting him fall asleep in my arms he may not remember me but I will remember him and always making him giggle and holding him. God has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone but was by my side the whole time. God has opened my eyes with first hand experiences and sad stories but everything happens for a reason and I will use this experience and hold it in my heart the rest of my life. 
Annemarie Haas

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